Brain Candy review

I was recently given the chance to try out Brain Candy. No, it is not a Halloween treat. It is an award winning series of unique children's dvd's and cd's. The primary focus of this series is on the five senses. With our day to day lives being so directly involved in senses due to having a child with Sensory Processing Disorder, these dvd's really appealed to me.

The Braincandy “5 Senses” series uses four key creative elements to encourage interaction and motivate early learners.

1. A gang of silly “sense” puppets representing each of the five senses (Bruce Brain, Harry Hand, Ivy Eyes, Mojo Mouth, Nusi Nose, and Ana Ear) that make kids laugh as they offer new ideas.

2. Sophisticated animation that moves from live action to animated characters, demonstrating the mind/body connection and how the senses work.

3. “Real kids” engaging in experiential, sensory-based activities. This motivates young children to interact with what they see on the screen and mimic what other children are doing. Research suggests this type of interaction is the most foundational element in early learning and sets the groundwork for cognitive, social, and emotional development.

4. A yummy music and sound exploration, Brain candy’s multi-genre music provides little listeners with a broad variety of tantalizing tunes. Classical, rock-a-billy, Latin, Reggae, and jazz gets kids moving and grooving.

One of the dvd's we got to try was See My World. I was impressed with the visual effects in this dvd. There were bright colors as well as contrasting colors to really stimulate the visual senses. There was also plenty of action and movement for the child to focus on. Of course the opinion that really matters here is Dmitrii's. This dvd really gets his attention and he smiles and laughs as he dances along to the songs and watches the actions. He will approach us again and again saying "ain andy" which we have all learned means he wants to watch his Brain Candy.

We also got to try the Smell My World dvd. I love how this one really does encourage children to interact and mimic the actions taking place. I have seen Dmitrii running around the room smelling a variety of things while watching this dvd. This is huge for him! I honestly had just about become convinced he had no sense of smell. He just never seemed to notice smells before, not even really strong ones. Now, it seems as if he has suddenly discovered that the world around him is filled with odors, both good and bad.

My overall opinion of these dvd's is very high. I think this company is really on to something with their use of encouraging examples and images of young children, puppets and animation. I have seen it motivate my young child to interact, participate and learn.

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