Thankful Thursday

This is my first time participating in Thankful Thursday. I absolutely love the idea of expressing our thankfulness each week.

This week I am thankful for:

* Dima's physical therapist. She has put in such a great effort to really get to know my son and plans each week's visits to suit him. This even includes making him a "cave" which is a place that he can crawl into for a minute or two to self regulate when he gets overstimulated.

* Nikki's choir teacher. It may seem silly, but this is the one teacher who really seems to care about how she is doing in school. He told me at teacher's conferences that he intends to help me reinforce in Nikki the importance of doing well in her other classes if she wants to participate in all the fun things that come along with choir.

* Reid's Language Arts teacher who is the first middle school teacher who has expressed the belief that Reid needs to be in advanced placement classes next year. In elementary school all of Reid's teachers gave him advanced work, extra work, and responsibilities within the classroom. Since starting middle school this year he has been bored and the work has been way too easy for him. I am thankful that this teacher sees and understands this and is requesting Reid be placed in advanced classes.

I seem to have come up with the theme of teachers this week. I promise I didn't set out to do that. Oh well, they all certainly do deserve some appreciation.


  1. AS I was reading this I realized that somewhere along the lines I changed up the nicknames I use for my kids on the blog. so if you are confused.... Dima = Meechi, Reid = Bucky, and Nikki = Shy


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