My Opinioin: Renuzit Crystal Elements

I keep seeing the ad for Renuzit Crystal Elements. Probably because of my obsession with design shows. HGTV does seem like a good place to advertise this type of product. My initial reaction was, "hmmm... those are kind of pretty. What a neat idea". The more I see the ad though, the more my thoughts on this product are changing.

Now, I have never actually tried them, so I couldn't tell you whether they work well or not. I found a couple of bad reviews saying they are messy and do not really scent the air that well. I don't know for sure though. They may work great. The fact is that I will never find out for myself. Why not? Because I will never bring these things into my home.

Take a look at these things....

Now imagine you are a three year old child. Wouldn't that look like a tasty treat to you? Ya, sure looks like a big tasty bowl of candy to me. (and I am way more than 3)

This might be a fine product for anyone with no children, but I wouldn't suggest anyone with a small child bring these into their home.


  1. That definitely looks like a disaster waiting to happen if you have kids in the house!

    I LOVE your header!


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