Tuesday Reviewsday: Softlips lip protection

I was recently given the chance to try Softlips lip protection. I had just opened the package and applied some Softlips to my always dry, chapped lips when my daughter, Shy, walked in. Her eyes landed on the tube of Softlips and she burst out, "whose is this?".
"Uh, it's miiiiine" I replied, knowing where she was headed. Anytime Shy starts off a conversation by asking who something belongs to, it will inevitably be followed with her asking if she can have it.
True to form, "Can I have it?" she asked.
I rolled my eyes and asked that rhetorical question of mine, "what part of 'it's mine' did you not understand?"
Totally ignoring me, in the way most 15 year old girls do, she grabbed the tube of Softlips and proceeded to use it. "This stuff is amazing," she gushed. "Sadie always carries this with her at school. I use it all the time. She usually has the strawberry or the cherry and they smell sooooo good, but this peppermint is good too." She continued to stare at me with a big smile on her face and an expectant look in her eyes.
"Oh, for pete's sake.... take it" I said. Little did she know, I had been given two packages so I still had one for myself.
"Thanks," she chirped as she bounded toward her room with the tube of Softlips tucked into the pocket of her jeans.

Softlips certainly seemed to have the teenage girl stamp of approval. I needed to give it a try for a few days to be absolutely sure about it myself. It did smell great as Shy had said. I also like the way it felt on my lips, not at all waxy or greasy. However, as I mentioned before, my lips tend to always be dry and chapped. In summer the sun dries them and in winter it is the cold and wind. In order for me to declare Softlips as "amazing" as my daughter, I would need to try it for a few days and see how it worked on my rather dehydrated lips. Well, a week later, I have to say that Softlips really is amazing. My lips are not only moisturized, but they truly are softer. Even my husband has mentioned the difference. Softlips has his stamp of approval as well.

Softlips is 100% natural and organic. It comes in several flavors that smell wonderful. It is also available with color tints, so it can be used to add color to your lips, much like a gloss, only with added SPF protection and moisturizing effects. Check out the Softlips website to find a store near you that carries their products. You can also find lip tips, take a personality test or enter their Picture Perfect Lips contest while you are there.