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We've been sick here for the past week. No chance for taking walks since we were bed ridden. So here is a Walk With Me post from May, 2008. Be sure to come back the 2nd Thursday in September to participate in the official start of Walk With Me Wednesday.

May, 2008:

As I walk along with my sons I can't help but notice how they've grown.

Bucky is nearly as tall as me now. His shoulders are starting to broaden. Starting to build the form of a man rather than a boy. There is more to his growth that I notice though. It is not all physical. He has matured so much, this boy of mine. It was two and half years ago that we first mentioned adopting to him. His words were "but I won't be the baby anymore". We told him that he wasn't really a baby anyway at 9. Then I told him how no matter how old he and his sister got that they were always my babies. Nothing and no one would ever take there places in my heart. As time wore on he became excited about the adoption, about being a big brother. Still when his little brother finally came home Bucky was a bit unsure. Not about having a little brother, but more about how to act with him. How to play with him and hold him... he seemed afraid that he might break him. He was nervous. Now a year later here he is running down the sidewalk pushing his brother in the stroller at full speed. He gives the stroller a good push and lets go so he can run in front of it and act like his little brother is about to run him over, an act that rewards him with wild laughter from his audience. Bucky has grown into such an amazing big brother. He has become friend and mentor to his little brother who follows him everywhere trying to copy his every move.

And Meechi. My gosh! The growth I have seen in this boy. From the scrawny little baby whose legs were so thin and frail looking. The boy whose ribs were so visible. From that to this solid little tank of a boy whose legs are full and muscular. A boy whose ribs are now hidden under baby fat. He's nearly doubled in weight and size this past year. But, like Bucky, the growth is more than physical. He is so confident in all he does, and that was just not there before. He was so unsure of everything when he came home. His whole world was turned upside down and he had to learn a whole new way of life. This boy who was afraid of grass, OF GRASS, a year ago was now begging to get out of the stroller so he could run through the grass. We free him of his stroller and he runs up a grassy hill and rolls down. Here is my brave boy rolling in the same grass that terrified him just a year ago. Yes, he has indeed grown.

As I walk along with my sons I can't help but notice how they've grown.

I want to slow time down. I want to keep these boys as they are. I want to always have these moments of fun and laughter as we walk along together. I want to freeze time and put off what I know is to come. I want to put life on pause before Bucky starts to prefer hanging out with his friends to hanging out with me and his brother. Shy has already hit that stage and that is why I walk with just my boys. I want to push time away and keep my baby a baby as long as I can.

I think these things as we walk. Then a quote I once heard comes to me.
"Time is like a handful of sand- the tighter you grasp it, the faster it runs through your fingers."

I think of this quote and I realize that I don't really want to freeze time or to put it on pause or to even push it away. No, what I really want is to simply enjoy every second of time as it passes through my fingers like sand. And I want to enjoy the treasures I find in that sand.

We walked to the park where Meechi enjoyed the wet sand.

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