Random Tuesday: The school edition

I am changing things up a bit this week. I normally take part in Keely's Random Tuesday Thoughts over on Life With Meechi, but I am doing it here this week. You can find my Reviewsday post over at Life With Meechi today. It seemed a more fitting place for this week's review.


  • I was reading an article in the local paper. It discussed how the schools are cracking down on "dirty dancing". I guess the kids don't really dance anymore, they just get out there and grind each other. Ya! They are basically dry humping on the dance floor. Eeeeew!!! I've always let, even encouraged, my daughter and son to attend the school dances. Now I am rethinking that. I don't want some nasty 15yo boy grinding on my daughter. (excuse me while i go vomit a little) The article went on to say that the students are really angry over this. They just "want to dance the way we like to dance". Dude! That's not dancing, it's sex through clothing. Yuuuck! (vomit break again) One school in a town not far from here even had kids boycotting the back to school dance this year because they couldn't grind each other on the dance floor. They shut the dance down after an hour because only 12 kids showed up. What the h**l is wrong with kids these days???
  • I saw a kid with a full mustache and goatee walking out of my son's middle school the other day. Ya, he actually is a student there. I can't help but wonder if he's hit puberty way too early or just failed a lot. My son probably won't need to shave until he's 20.
  • I pick both the older kids up from school. It's too far to walk. (they have transfers to schools outside our neighborhood because we moved and they would have killed me if i made them switch i didn't want to make them switch) It is almost impossible to drive down the streets I pick them up on, not due to traffic, but rather due to the fact that packs of kids walk right down the middle of the street and won't move out of the way. Well, they did when they realized I wasn't going to stop and wait for them. Little suckers moved pretty fast then! Seriously though... kids have absolutely no respect anymore.

  • I am truly irritated with the drop off and pick up process as Meechi's school. At his old school they had an entrence right by the preschool classrooms. You were able to enter there to drop your child off and at pick up time you just waited outside the door and they opened it up and brought the kids out. At this new school we have enter the main doors, walk down the end of one really long hall, turn and walk down to the end of another really long hall. The halls aren't real bad in the mornings at drop off time, but then we cheat a bit and enter the school a few minutes before we are supposed to. The kids can't go in the school before 8:50, but we go in anyway and just wait for his classroom door to open at that time. Pick up is awful. Same long trip through the halls, but this time they are full of kids heading to lunch. Lines and lines of children getting in the way. Then, when we get to the classroom all the parents stand in a line and they let the kids come out one at a time. When you get to the front of the line they allow your child to get up off the carpet and come to the door. I am annoyed!

  • I picked Shy up last Tuesday from school to take her to lunch. It was her birthday so I wanted to do something nice for her. I figure getting fast food rather than school food is pretty nice. (i will do the same thing for Bucky today since it's his birthday. ya, their bdays are a week apart.... fun. no, not really) When I dropped her off she got lectured by the lady in the office that if she goes out to lunch she needs to be back on time. I wish I had walked back in with her because I would have told the lady my thoughts on the subject. First of all, she's my child and I could have kept her out the rest of the afternoon if I chose to. Heck, I could have chose to keep her home all day. She is afterall, my child. Second, she was like a minute late back to the school, not like she missed half a class or anything. Third, the class she has after lunch is choir. Not exactly one of your more important classes. It's not like she was missing geometry, English or history. I somehow think her entire sophomore year will not crumble because she missed a couple minutes of choir. Can't wait to see how things go today when I bring Bucky back from lunch!

  • Oh! I also sent Shy back to school with a chocolate malt and a Dr. Pepper. Surprised they didn't pitch a massive fit over that.

  • I am thinking of joining the PTO at Meechi's school. I attempted this at the old school. Not last year when he was there. I made the attempt many years ago when Shy and Bucky attended there. I think it was Shy's 2nd or 3rd grade year. My efforts to be involved didn't last long. My high school was less clique-ish. Boy howdy was them some snotty women. (sorry, i am missing my redneck craigslist messages and got all rednecky there for a sec) Seriously though, they were some serious bi***es and they did not like anyone coming into their group and trying to actually get involved. I quickly backed out and didn't bother with it ever again. I also didn't bother having my kids sell the crap for the PTA fundraisers. Ha on you bi***es! Anyway.... this school seems less likely to be full of that type of people, so I think I will give it a try. (the new school has PTO, the old one has PTA)


  1. It seems like 8 is the new 13, when it comes to puberty...frightening.

  2. Yes! Why oh Why are some of the kids growing up at such an alarming speed!? Moustaches on "kids" scare the life outta' me!

    Wow! You are one busy momma---my kids aren't in school yet....looks like my future is going to be a BUSY one!! Ahhhhhh.......

  3. I hate when schools do things like that! I also wonder about the development of kids now a days, Jujube was only 10 when we began to umm notice things, things that waited on me until i was 14 in 10th grade!


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