review: A Mother For Choco

When Shy and Bucky were little one of my favorite books to read them was Are You My Mother by P.D. Eastman. It always seemed like such a sweet story about a lost baby bird searching for his mommy. Along the way he runs into many animals, and even construction vehicles, that he confuses for his mother only to realize they were not because they were nothing like him. In the end the baby bird spots his mommy and knows it's her because she looks and sounds like him.

A cute story, but one that really doesn't feel right for Meechi. How, as his mommy, could I possibly read him the story of baby who only realizes he's found his mother when he finds someone who looks like him? What message would that send to my child who looks nothing like his father or I? I knew adopting a child of a different race would come with challenges in life. I didn't realize how many little things would be effected though.

Here is a classic children's story, that I once loved, that portrays exactly the type of thinking I do not want my son to fall victim to. Fortunately, there is an alternative out there.

A Mother For Choco follows a similar story line. A young child, coincidentally another bird, walking the earth searching for his mother. As he travels along he encounters many creatures who tell him they could not possibly be his mother, for they look nothing like him. In the end Choco learns what those other creatures just didn't seem to understand, that someone doesn't have to look like you to love you and to be your mommy.

A Mother For Choco by Keiko Kasza is a fantastic book for adopted children. More than that, it is a good lesson for any child to learn. Love is beyond something as trivial as appearance.


  1. My son loves that story too, but I've never taken it as he finds someone that looks like him at all. I've always thought it was about the love he found. Best to you and your family!


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