to tweet or not to tweet

I am seriously considering deleting my Twitter account. I don't really use it much. It's nice to have for extra entries into giveaways. I keep thinking I will use it more to link people to my brilliant blog posts, but I actually have to write some brilliant blog posts first.

The lack of use of my Twitter account is not the real reason I am considering deleting it though. The reason is the followers. I know that it is supposed to be good to have a lot of followers, but I choose quality over numbers. At first I didn't pay much attention to who was following me. That is until I started noticing names like "eroticsue" or "lustylucy" or something of that ilk. Suddenly it occured to me that my followers might not all be the type of people I wanted to be associated with. I decided then to really look through those who had clicked to follow my Tweets. I deleted around 20 of them due to the fact they post adult content.

It lowered my numbers, but that wasn't what was important to me. Knowing that the people who chose to associate themselves with something that is about me are decent people... that is important.

I hate that people click follow on Twitter profiles only with the hope that they will be followed right back. When those people post content I dont' approve of, it is even worse. So I am considering deleting the account all together.


  1. Why don't you make your account private? That's what I did. People have to request to follow you, and you can deny/block the ones that post the adult content.

    I feel better knowing who every single person is that follows me.

    I have enjoyed Twitter and all the people that I have gotten to know better (they are mostly all fellow bloggers).

  2. It's funny that you should mention this because that's why I closed my twitter account. I had just one account for all of my blogs, including my design site that I had to have it public.

    I didn't notice much of a gain or loss by using twitter.

  3. it interesting to me that I have not "tweeted" in 6 mos or more.......and I still continue to get followers. LOL!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I still have a Twitter account, but I find Facebook works much better for me. I keep the Twitter account so I can send status updates to Facebook when I'm on the road.


  5. I haven't been using Twitter as much lately as I once did. I don't necessarily follow everyone who follows me, and I also check followers every so often and block those with objectionable content. I don't get huge numbers of followers so it's easy enough to check.

    :: mingle mingle ::

  6. I honestly never thought of that. Yikes!


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