Beware the preschool street gangs

So, yesterday Meechi brought home a note from the school in his backpack. Ok, more of a flyer than a note. Notes are something the teacher hand writes (or types) letting you know how awful your kid was in class that day. This was definitely a flyer. Anyway..... so, he brings home this flyer about a big presentation the school is putting on and they want all parents to attend.

The presentation? No Bully Zone! "A presentation for our parents on bully prevention and gang awareness".

Seriously?!? He's in preschool. Preschool!!!

I don't know about you, but I don't think I'd be too afraid of gang of four year olds. I can see them now with their pants saggin' (at least one of them has a peepee spot of the front cause he just had an acident), do-rags on their heads (well, most of them just have hats with a big flower on the side that their mommy knitted for them), and packing heat (in the form ofNerf dart guns). Sure, they could put an eye out with one of those darts, but none of them are actually strong enough to cock them on their own anyway.

Oh ya! That strikes terror in me!

I do realize that this flyer went out to every student in the school and that some of the kids will soon be heading into middle school. For them, I can see this as a realistic topic. But did they really need to send this home with the preschoolers?!? Give me a break!

How about you? Has your kid ever brought something home from school that just made you wonder, "what were they thinking"?


  1. I was watching the PBS special on emotions and one of the things they discussed was the NO BULLY ZONE program. it was based on a teen who started being bullied in middle school and eventually committed suicide. It broke him down from being a happy-go-lucky kid to being introverted and sad.

    Yes, I agree that PreK4 is quite young to start. I have seen Andrey try to bully other kids and his sister and even me! And sometimes I'd like to know how to better handle it.


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