Wanted: Jeans that Fit

I am a pretty simple gal. I don't need fancy clothes. Name brand, expensive fashion are not for me. Give me a simple pair of jeans, a basic cotton top and a pair of sneakers and I am good. Dresses and skirts are fine if I am going to an occasion that calls for such things, but the second I am home, you will find me changing back into my jeans.

So, is it too much to ask for a pair of jeans that actually fit? I mean, really fit.

I can't find any. None. Sure, I can find some that are the perfect length, but then they are either too small in the waste or too large. If I find a pair that fit in the waste then they are too long, or too short. Petite sizes are made for short women. I am a short woman. But the petites? Too short! Not a lot short, but just short enough to look like I am prepared to walk through some deep puddles. The high water look is not a good one folks!!! Regular cut jeans are always a bit too long. The bigger my waste gets, the longer the jeans get as well. What the heck is up with that??? We are women, not children. Just because we get bigger around the middle doesn't mean we get taller too. It's not like little kids who keep on growing. Makes sense for their clothes to get bigger all around as the sizes go up. Not so for women's clothing!

I would love to own at least one pair of jeans that are not all frayed at the bottom from me walking on them because they are too freaking long. I would love to walk outside when it's raining or snowy or icy and not have the bottom of my pants soaked by the time I come inside.

All this simple gal wants is a decent pair of jeans that fit!