calorie tracking

I really need to start tracking the food I eat again. I did it for awhile and it helped me control my eating. Not really what I was eating, but at least how much. I stopped doing it because it was time consuming. After what I realized a few days ago.... I think it's worth the time.

One night last week I was thinking about what I'd eaten that day. I felt pretty good about myself because I was thinking how I really hadn't eaten much at all. I was kind of proud of myself and then I remembered that I'd eaten lunch at a buffet. Not sure how I had forgotten that fact, but for some reason I did. Buffets and portion control are not good companions! I managed to convince myself that I really didn't eat as much as I could have, or had in the past, at the buffet. So, I believed I still did pretty good that day because I had also only eaten a small dinner. No breakfast, somewhat restrained buffet lunch, and small dinner seemed ok. Not great, not good even, but ok.

A little while later I realized I ate more for dinner than I was thinking I did. What I had forgot was that after eating my small dinner I thought about how since it was so small I really should have a little something else. That little something ended up being jalapeno poppers dipped in ranch dressing. Breaded jalapeno and cheese drowned in ranch is not a little something. It is a lot of something and that something is calories!

I had suddenly realized that I did not have a good day afterall. I went from feeling good about myself to feeling really lousy. I couldn't believe that I had forgotten about most of the foods I had eaten that day. My memory must really be slipping! It made me realize just how important it is to track the foods I eat. That way I can't forget and end up making a bad day even worse.