Found what I've been looking for

I attended a new church this past Sunday. This is something I have been wanting to do for a long time now. I've made plans over and over again to give a new church a try, and then Sunday comes along and I find one excuse or another not to go. I didn't let that happen this time.

Now, honestly, if I had planned to go on my own I likely would have backed out again. I hate to do anything alone. (that is a post for another monday) This time I made plans to attend with my sister-in-law. We were talking a few days ago and realized we had both been wanting to try a new church, but neither of us had wanted to go alone. It turned out perfectly, as we were both finally able to do something we'd been wanting to do and we did it together.

I wasn't real positive which church I wanted to attend. I had considered going back to one I had tried in the past. There were aspects I liked about the church, and others I didn't. There was another church I had been considering, and yet never really felt a strong enough pull to actually go. My SIL actually had a specific church in mind that she'd heard great things about, so we decided to give it a try.

Let me just say... I loved it!
My SIL also really loved it, and best of all little Meechi did fantastic in the 4/5 year old group. Seriously, they raved about it. I had several people tell me how sweet he was and he good he had been. When I picked him up, he was having a good time and was actually playing WITH other children. Praise God! That in itself can be miraculous.

People went out of their way to make us feel welcome without also making us feel awkward at being first time visitors. Love that! They serve refreshments in the lobby area before service which provides a nice time to socialize. I think that is awesome! The service started with Christian rock being performed as people were entering. Love that too! The message was not only a great message but was given in a way that was interesting and even entertaining. An hour long church service felt like half that. Not your grandma's church for sure!

We had a great experience there and I plan to go back. So does my SIL. I admit to feeling awkward starting to attend a church at Easter time. I know that it is a time of year that casual church goers make an effort to attend. That is not what I intend to be. I truly want to get involved and become a part of a good church family. I sort of feel like people might get the impression that I am one of those casual church goers due to the time of year, but as I continue to attend then that appearance will drop away. I am actually excited for their Easter service. They handed out a flyer that says it will be a 3D experience. Cool! That will be the first time for my teenagers to attend since they were at their dad's house this past weekend. I think having their first time there be in 3D will help get them into the idea of attending.

Oh! I also have to mention that pretty much everyone there was wearing jeans. I know some people don't agree with that type of casual dress for church, but I am not one of those. I love that I can wear jeans to church. I really don't think God cares whether I am wearing a dress or a pair of blue jeans.