Why should women keep their weight a secret?

I was watching an episode of the show Bones the other day. I don't normally watch, but it was a Sunday afternoon and there was nothing else on. In this particular episode the group of characters were all taking turns stabbing a dummy with a some special knife that was measuring their stabs. (of course i'm not nearly as technical in description as they were on the show, but this really isn't my topic of conversation anyway and i don't really care) After they were done stabbing the dummy, they determined that the stabs of the character of Angela came the closest to the stabs that killed the victim whose murder they were investigating. She was then asked for her height and weight so they could try and determine who the killer might be based on comparison. Angela balked at the question. She didn't want to reveal her weight to everyone in the room.

The beautiful, sexy, not at all fat woman didn't want to tell people her weight. She easily gave her height as 5'8" but then mumbled her weight a couple of times before finally giving in and saying it so all could hear. The offending number? 135. One hundred and thirty five freaking pounds?!? She is 5'8" and didn't want to reveal that she weighs 135, and even after revealing it had to throw in the comment, "most of that is muscle".

The ideal weight for a woman who is 5'8" is 136-150 pounds. Why then, did the writers of this show feel the need to have this character be ashamed of a weight that falls below what her ideal weight should be???

How sad is it that this is what our society is like. It is terrible that a woman would feel ashamed to be the weight that is healthy for her. Are we really supposed to all want to be underweight, little stickfigures? Why must ultra thin be more important than healthy?

What about the message that it sends for this character to have been so worried about revealing her weight to begin with? Women are supposed to be ashamed of their weight. That is the message that it sends. Not just women who are overweight either. No, apparently even those who are living at their ideal, healthy weight should be ashamed. Of course it really isn't this TV show that creates that image, that stereotype, that all women must be ashamed of their weight. Society as a whole has been filled with that perception for years. Nearly every tv show, movie, book, or magazine sends out that same message. As a woman, you never want to tell anyone what your weight is. Afterall a woman's weight is a dark, dirty secret that needs to be kept from everyone. (i know sarcasm doesn't always come through in written word, so for those who didn't realize... that was sarcasm)

By the way....
I weigh 140 pounds and I am only 5'3" tall. No dirty little secret here. The ideal weight for someone my height? 121-135.


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