I have developed a new perspective on the name of this blog. I had originally started this blog as a place to post product reveiws, and so Trial By Jury simply meant that I was trying things and passing the word onto my readers about them. That is why the blog address is actually "try all by jury" After I started the blog, I sort of lost interest in that idea. Then I lost interest in the blog. I then came across the blogging for book program which offers Christian books for me to read and review. It got me back into posting on the blog. More than that though, it renewed within me the desire to learn and know more about Christ.

That desire has been there for a few years now, but I always managed to find a way to squash it down and concern myself with worldly matters. Lately this blog has become more about my personal trials. The struggles of self, of heart, of soul. So, while the blog is taking a different turn from what I had originally intended, the name still fits perfectly. Just one more of those "His plan, not my own" lessons in my life.