100th post

A funny thing happened on my way to this blog...

Just as I was about to click the button to create a new blog post, I noticed that the post count was at 99, which makes this my 100th post on this blog. The funny thing? I was coming here to post that I will no longer be posting here. How is that for a 100th post celebration?

Obviously, if you are one of the three or four people who might actually read this blog then you realize that very rarely actually post here. When I do post, it tends to be a book review. And let's face it, I am not actually doing any of those authors much good by posting reviews on a blog that seldom gets updated and almost no one reads.

I will still be blogging, I will just be doing it all over on my other blog now. So, if you are one of the rare readers of this blog, please click on over to Life With Meechi and follow me there. I promise you'll get much more excitement and a lot more blog posts over there.