It Is Time

I feel as though it is time to make this blog into something more than it has ever been. It is time to make it a true journal of my thoughts, actions, and struggles. I do struggle, believe me. My mind is a tangled mess of worries and irrational fears. I plan to open up and share all most of that. I want people to understand what social anxiety really is. I want them to see it from inside the mind and heart of someone who struggles with it. I also want to share my hopes and dreams. There is so much I want to do for others. For the forgotten and lonely. Do you realize how hard it is to do something for others when you live in constant fear of actually socializing with others? Think about it. That is the sort of complex struggle that rages inside me.

Be prepared to see the good, bad, and ugly as they say. I am preparing to share my trials and let the world see the real me. Deep breath y'all. Deep breath.