Just A Chance To Get Out?

A friend asked me a few weeks ago if I was going to join a summer Bible study at church. I had not planned on it. Actually I had not considered it at all. Once she asked me though, I felt a real desire to take part. I was just thinking it would be a nice chance to get out of the house and visit with some ladies from church. What I didn't realize is that it would challenge me to take action and follow God's plan for me.

The study is on the book of Jonah. We are using Priscilla Shirer's book Jonah: Navigating A Life Interrupted. It is a wonderful book and she is an amazing speaker! (and no, I am not being compensated in any way for saying that or mentioning the book) As a part of our study we are watching her video series that accompanies the book. All I can say is Wow! Seriously, after each video at least one of us in the group says aloud, "Wow!"

Who knew this tiny part of The Bible could be so powerful? Priscilla did. So did the wonderful staff members of my church who put together this study group.

I could go into great detail about the lessons in the book and all I have learned through this study but that would become a book in itself. Instead I will give a brief (ha!) detail.

Basically... the message is that we are all Jonah. (If you are not familiar with the book of Jonah or if it has been awhile since you have read it, go here and read it. It won't take you long. It is really very short.) We have all been called to do something by God. Like Jonah, most of us run from it. We claim we are too busy. We make excuses. We try to deny that it is truly what God wants from us. We see it as an interruption in our lives that we just cannot do not want to take on. And so we run from God's will.

The main thing I have learned in this study is that I am on my ship headed to my own version of Tarshish.

To be continued....