Warning: I Speak My Mind

I have a tendency to speak my mind. The problem with that is that I end up offending people. Either that or people tend to view me as negative. The fact is, I am not trying to be negative. I just speak the truth (or at least the truth as I see it). The truth is not always popular. That is not going to stop me from speaking it though. No, I will not lie or avoid the truth to save someone's feelings. Why? Once we reach adulthood shouldn't we be able to accept that we are not always right? Shouldn't we be able to handle a little constructive criticism?

I speak my opinion and people get defensive. I am not personally attacking anyone. There is no need to be defensive. I don't mind a little back and forth in conversation. If your opinion is different than mine I am fine with you voicing it and offering up arguments for your own point of view. Just don't do it in a whiny, defensive manner. Also, do not do it in a way that is meant to attack me. Adults should be able to carry on a civil conversation with no one getting their feelings hurt or trying to hurt someone else's even if they are on two different sides of the fence about a topic.

Lately I feel like people have a negative view of me. It seems as though they think I am picking on them or trying to put them down. I am not. I am just pointing out things that they have neglected to mention or failed to see. You may be doing something really great, but it is probably not perfect. What is? So if I happen to mention the flaws in what you are doing it is not meant to take away from the good. It is simply meant to give another perspective.

Sure I could just keep my mouth shut (or my fingers from typing), but I don't understand why I should have to. There have been times I wish someone would have mentioned the risks, issues, problems, or drawbacks to something before I had to find them for myself. If I can give someone a head's up so they can be better prepared for something then yes, I will speak up and say what I feel is true and right.

I am not perfect either. So do not be afraid to let me know when you disagree. I promise not to whine, cry, or get defensive.