Taking the joy and the sorrow

There are times when we are full of joy and there are times when we are full of sorrow. Then there are times when the two overlap. I am in one of those times now.

I just spent five days with my daughter who is about to turn eighteen and go off to college. Those five days were days of joy. She got to spend time pursuing a dream and I got to go along for the ride. She received amazing affirmation that she is on the right path and that the dream may someday become reality. There is no greater joy than seeing one of your children come to that realization.

Then we came home.

The three days since have been days of sorrow. Questioning of decisions. Worry over what comes next. Fear that the dream may not be as real as it seemed. However it is the loss of friends that takes the top seat in the pain. One from jealousy and fear. The other, a greater loss, through suicide. I have witnessed the heartbreak of many and it has left a rather large crack in mine as well. Through that crack some old pain and sorrow of my own has rushed forth.

It has been a hard few days. I wish I could see it getting easier, but I do not. I think that will come a long way down the bumpy, twisting road. Until then we try to snatch moments of joy to break up the sorrow to keep it from becoming constant.


  1. Oh Kim! How I wish I could come give you a big hug right now. So here comes a virtual one: {{{{{{{{{{HUG}}}}}}}}}}} I will pray for peace, grace, and mercy for you and all those involved. If you need anything please let me know. Love ya!


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