The First Seed

What is God calling you to do?

That is what the Bible study I was taking part in was all about. It was asking us to look deep within and see if there was a call placed on our hearts that we had perhaps chosen not to hear. It asked us to stop looking at the call as an interruption in our lives, in our plans, but to instead see it as an intervention. A Divine intervention!

The truth is, I didn't need to search deep to find the answer. I already knew what it was and like Jonah, I had been ignoring the call. Not just ignoring, but actually running and hiding.

For more than a year I had noticed a lot of little, and some not-so-little, signs in my life. These signs were all pointing to one place. India. They were all pointing to one cause. Orphans. They were all pointing to one specific action for me to take. Mission work.

A mission trip? Really God? You must be joking! I am not a missionary.

I will be real honest here and tell you that the truth is, I used to think badly of missionaries. My view used to be that missionaries were people who went where they were not wanted and forced their own beliefs upon others. I felt they were intruders. I felt they were fascist. I felt they were wrong.

Now I cannot tell you all of that without telling you that this was my viewpoint a long time ago, when I was young. Having just celebrated my 40th bday, I am not young anymore, nor do I hold this viewpoint anymore. I grew not only in age but also in wisdom. I learned that the true call of a missionary is to spread love and hope. So I was okay with missionaries. I even admired them. But I was not one of them. I never planned to ever become one of them.

So surely God must be joking. I am not a missionary.

and yet...
God continued to place the idea of India, of its poor, of its "untouchable", of its orphans, in my life, mind, and heart.

It began years ago with the photo of an orphan boy named Vismay. My own son had been home from Kazakhstan for barely a year when that photo came my way. Then a video. Then the question, "would you be interested in adopting Vismay?" I so wanted my answer to be yes. Instead it was, "let me think. Let me see if we can." By the time I was ready to give an answer someone else had already said, "yes." He was not to be our son, but he was the first seed of India that God planted in my heart and mind. There would be many more.

to be continued....