Free Educational Apps for 1st Grade

As a homeschooling mom working with a tight budget I am always on the lookout for free resources. One of our favorite ways to supplement our curriculum is with apps for the Ipod (one of these days we may get an Ipad, but like I said... limited budget). Even the inexpensive apps can soon add up to more money than we have budgeted, so free is always best.

Here are some of my latest finds for free apps that work for 1st grade:
(These apps were free at the date of posting. ALWAYS check the price before downloading)

Brain Quest (if you're familiar with the trivia card sets and like them, then you will like this)

Math Evolve Lite (I am not real fond of "Lite" versions as they are very limited in how much you can do, but they can give you an idea of whether or not it is worth the money to buy the full versions)
Motion Math (there are several versions as follows)
Hungry Fish
Match Up Math Lite
Wake the Rooster (telling time)
Tanzen (tanagrams)

Creativity/Imaginative Play:
My PlayHome Lite
Toontastic Free (again, a lite version and the full version sells for 9.99, but this is a fun one)
Puppet Pals Pocket
Puppet Pals 2 (we don't actually have this one as it requires a newer version of Ipod than we have but I included here for those who have a gen4 Ipod or Iphone or an Ipad)

Cut The Rope free (free and lite are basically the same thing so again this is not a full version)
Cut The Rope Experiments
Cargo Bridge Lite (this is one of Meechi's favorite games. i actually just paid the .99 for the full version)
Drain Works
Monster Physics Lite

Spelling Wizard
Chicktionary 300 (if you search "chicktionary" in Itunes you will find different versions of this game. some are just for Ipad, so I didn't list them since we don't have an Ipad but if you do it is worth looking for)
Sight Words 2 (grades 1&2)

The Arts:
Easy Beats Lite
Monkey Drum
Spin It Art Machine Lite