sew sew

I think I want to learn to sew. Middle age seems the right time for that, doesn't it? Maybe not. I am sure I should have learned to sew long ago. Technically I guess I did back in 7th grade home-ec, but that was so long ago I don't remember anything other than the fact that the bag I made ended up with the straps falling off. Doesn't really set the greatest stage for my sewing abilities I suppose.

I am certainly not a fashion expert and am iffy at best when it comes to creativity and craftiness, but for some reason sewing is something I have wanted to learn for a few years now. I don't really have the time in my schedule for classes so this will be an effort is self-learning. I have always told my kids that if you can read then you can learn to do anything. We will see how true that idea is for me. I will be perusing many sewing tutorials and giving it some trial and error. I plan to document my efforts here. Hoping it goes well!