Apps, Games, and Books for Reading Comprehension

It's Tuesday! That means it is time for some free Tuesday Treats! Today I am sharing some free resources for teaching reading comprehension.

Free apps that help teach reading comprehension:

The Opposites 
Popplet Lite
Professor Garfield Fact or Opinion
Simple Mind

Online activities that help teach reading comprehension:

Roy The Zebra
Book Adventure

Reading fun online:
Online Plays for kids to perform

Free Children's Books for Kindle:
The Ugly Duckling

Johnny B. Fast: The Super Spy

 Grandpa Hates The Bird: The Battle Begins
Henry Burp - Mind Your Manners

These items were free at the time of this post. Please be sure to always check the price before clicking the purchase button.
I hope you enjoy these Tuesday Treats! Have some free treats of your own? Please feel free to leave a link in the comments.