That Mom - A Re-post

I thought I would share a post I wrote back in 09. It is a little glimpse into who I am. No one was reading this blog back in 09 (well, there is probably no one reading it now either), so I thought I would do a re-post in case anyone is reading now and missed this one. It is one of my personal faves from my Me, Myself, and Monday series of posts.

Enjoy this blast from the past.....

You know that mom? The one that has all the neighborhood kids at her house all the time. Her door is always open. She greats each child that walks through the door by name, because she actually knows all their names. She has a kitchen full of snacks, sodas and juice boxes and she's always willing to pass them out to any kid that walks through the door. In fact she probably has a special pantry just for all the goodie she buys specially for the neighborhood.

Her living room is full of loud, rowdy tween boys playing video games. She smiles and cheers them on as she passes through. From down the hall comes the giggle of teen girls along with thumping bass of their music that's being blasted on the stereo. She peeks in on them to offer them snacks and drinks because she knows they are just too busy texting or messing around on Facebook to actually walk to the kitchen themselves. Out in the backyard is a group of eight year olds bouncing on the trampoline or playing on the massive playground structure. She goes out to check on them every ten minutes to make sure they are being safe and also just cause they are so darn cute and she enjoys watching them play. Out in the front, the driveway is occupied by young teen boys performing ollie's and kickflips on their skateboards. She smiles as she watches them for a few minutes before heading back inside to start her rounds of kid checking again.

That mom loves the sounds of children playing. She enjoys having a house full of kids. It makes her happy to make them happy. There is nothing that pleases her more than knowing her home is the place where all the kids come to hang out and have fun.

You know that mom?

Ya... that is sooooooooooooooooooo NOT me!
I'm the mom that sends her kids over to that mom's house.

When other people's children in are in my home I feel as though I am babysitting. If I'm babysitting then shouldn't I be getting paid for pity's sake? I don't want to be responsible for making sure someone else's kid doesn't get hurt! When I see them eating my food I get totally riled. "Dude! Put down the Twinkie! That was totally going to be my breakfast tomorrow!" I just can't handle having all those strange people in my personal space. I want to lay around in my pajama's all day Saturday. I want to I want to sit and enjoy the quiet (ok, ido have kids of my own so it's more like minimal noise rather than quiet) and not have a bunch of kids in my personal space.