I Am Complex

I am a complex person. Some may say that I have multiple personalities. Not in the Sybil kind of way, just in the I can't seem to focus long enough to stick with one personality type kind of way. I'm all over the place basically.

Why I am telling you this?
Because if you are here then you are likely to wonder just who the heck is speaking to you on any given day. I may be going Biblical on you one day and doing a cussing rant the next. Some days I may seem like a really good person and then a week later I may talk about how I followed some bitch (<- see there is that cussing I was talking about) that cut me off in traffic, honking my horn and waving the middle finger at her in a maniacal and menacing way. I'm not saying that actually happened (i'm also not saying it didn't).... just warning you that you never know what you're going to get. Like I said, I am complex.

I'm not a perfect person. Are any of us? No. Just no. I won't pretend to be perfect. Just don't judge me. If you feel the need to judge me, then go away. You don't belong here. I've no room in my life for judgment. It's ok, I promise not to judge you either.

I can't give you perfection, but I can offer quirkiness, honesty, snark, raw emotion, sharing, caring, rants, book talk, and the occasional bit of craziness.

You have been warned. Welcome to the complexity of me. Feel free to kick off your shoes and join the chaos.