Three Steps

I continue on with Bible study via the book Living So That and Proverbs 31 Ministries online Bible study. I really feel God called me to this study. I had no plans of beginning a study at the time I came across this study as I was already weeks into another one. Somehow He led me here and put the call on my heart to take part. I am seeing why more and more each day. I have gone further into His Word than ever before and am truly gaining wisdom. In the midst I this study is right where I needed to be in my journey right now. Oh how we are blessed when we take the time to listen to Him and respond to what He says!

A recent "assignment" of the study asks us to share about certain topics. The one I chose to write about today is sharing three simple steps I take to combat the flesh and feed the spirit.

First I want to share what areas I struggle the most with when it comes to fighting the flesh. For me it is sloth and gluttony. I am lazy. I fully admit it; I am a lazy person. I have had a tendency to spend days doing nothing more than watching television, reading books, and napping. Now there is nothing wrong with these things individually or in moderation. However when I would choose to spend all day on these things while neglecting things like housework or participating in productive and worthwhile activities, I crossed the line into sinful sloth. I also have a gluttonous nature. I eat what I want when I want. I eat out of boredom. I eat for comfort. I eat the wrong foods and I eat more than my fill.

As for my spirit, I have always been one to get low and wallow in self pity and self loathing. I was always looking inside or to others for solutions and comfort I was not looking to Him as I should have been. Slowly but surely this is all changing.

With Him I am overcoming.

Here are my three simple steps that are helping with that:
1) Looking to His Word.
When I find myself struggling with gluttony I turn instead to Him. Rather  than opening my fridge, I open my Bible. I can't be bored when studying and learning His truths. I find the comfort I need in Him rather than in a brownie.

2) Worship music.
When I find myself wanting to lay about doing nothing, I turn on worship music. Icons myself up and moving. I get things done. The Spirit comes alive in me and I cNnot simply sit there and do nothing.

3) I sorround myself with Christ-minded people.
When I get low or start feeling worthless I find that it helps greatly to spend time with other believers. When you are in the company of people who are alive in the Sprit you canno help but to feel the Sprit come alive in you. Once that happens the love of God is far too powerful to let the demons of self doubt and self loathing keep their grip.

So there they are. My three simple steps. Now do I always remember to follow these steps myself? No I do not. I, like everyone else, am not perfect. I stumble here and there. It is getting less frequent that I stumble though. As I spend more and more time in His Word I grow stronger and stronger and can more easily face my demons and tell them to back off.


  1. This could have been written by me and it fits what He's given me to do too!

  2. Absolutely love this!! Thank you for sharing this, for being real about your struggle areas~ many of us struggle with the exact same issues! And your steps to fight can you fail with those?! Yes we all will stumble and God know that, but you are feeding the spirit and the more you continue with that, the stronger He will grow you!!
    Stephanie~ OBS Team

  3. Thank you for being so honest and vulnerable with us! I relate so much to what you shared and I to have found great victory when I turn to Jesus and choose worship music or Bible study instead of killing time and comfort eating!


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