Abby Lee on DWTS

I don't typically watch Dancing With The Stars. I prefer So you Think You Can Dance because I enjoy watching people who can actually dance and the entertainment value and coreaogrophy (I know I'm spelling that wrong) is superior in my opinion. It's an opinion, you don't have to share it. Anyway, my point was that I don't typically watch but since we are going without cable for now our options on Monday nights are pretty limited, so I've been watching a bit. 

Last night's guest judge was Abby Lee Miller of Dance Moms "fame". I will just say that she and that show are not my cup of tea an leave it at that. However, her behavior on DWTS last night I just cannot stop myself from commenting on. If I had to chose one word to describe it, that word would be "gross". 

She was very innapropriate. I'm not talking about overstepping the bounds of the average guest judge, which she did. Let's face it, guest judges are only there to promote their own career endeavors and bring in potential new viewers to the show. No one expects them to actually critique the dancers and hand out harsh criticism. That was evident in Maks' reaction to her in stating that he does not care about anything she says. Her comments meant less than nothing to those dancers. I was cheering Maks when he put her in her place and brought her down a few notches. You could see in her face that what he said got to her and she wasn't quite as bitchy after that either. Although she did seem to then downgrade he and Meryl's performances for the night. Childish behavior but still not the real problem I had with her. 

Her behavior toward the male dancers was appalling. She was quite lewd and suggestive. I found it very innapropriate. Especially considering the children she teaches were in the audience. Making comments that blatantly implied she wanted to have sex with at least two of the dancers (one of whom was Maks who burned her minutes later) in front of the children who look up to her as a role model (God help them with a role model like that anyway) was irresponsible. These comments are disrespectful to the dancers as well. 

This isn't some strip club or risqué dance show. These are trained professionals who seek to entertain the world with their talent. Sure these guys know they're good looking and that women lust after them. It is not the same as having a woman who is supposed to be there to judge your dancing making lewd insinuendos right to your face. The poor boy band kid that dances with Peta (sorry don't know his name. Told you, I don't typically watch this show and I don't listen to boy bands either) was obviously uncomfortable with her remarks. It was written all over his face. Of course Bruno has the same effect as his behavior is just as lewd and innapropriate. He is actually a very big reason I don't often watch the show. 

It would be nice if I could tune into what is supposed to be a family friendly show and not have to hear Bruno or guest judges like Abby Lee making disgusting fools of themselves by flaunting their desire to sleep with half the dancers!