How I Write

My dear friend Andrea tagged me in a blog hop called How I Write. She recently breathed some life back into her blog and resurrected it from the land of comatose blogs. Knowing that I was doing the same over here, she decided to give me a little material to work with. Andrea is awesome and funny, but she is also honest and real in her writing and you should really check out her blog! The purpose of this particular bunny hop blog hop is to get a peek into the mind behind the blog, see what makes the blogger tick, what inspires them to do what they do by asking some questions. It is also to share some bloggy love and introduce fellow bloggers to some blogs they may not have known existed, but should.

How I Write

What Am I Working On?
This is a loaded question. The obvious answer is that I am working on getting my thoughts put together and back out into the land of other people with this blog. I have gone a hundred different directions with blogging over the years and I am working on giving this particular blog a little focus and trying not to be all over the place. Since my mind tends to function in an all over the place sort of way, that isn't easy. I feel I am getting there though.
The less obvious answer is that I am working on my first novel. Wow! It felt sort of crazy and scary to type that. It is a project that I have not mentioned to many people, so it is a huge leap for me to bring it up here. About a month ago I mentioned on this blog a moment when I felt God had spoken to me. Of all the crazy things he could have placed upon my heart, he placed the idea of writing this novel. I don't want to go into too much detail, but it is a young adult fantasy story that will include religious undertones. Ooooh! Aaaah! Sounds crazy, eh? The story idea has been in my head for years but in that one moment God impressed upon me that I could use the story to spread His word. Suddenly, ideas that had eluded me for years came into focus, mental blocks were torn down, and the story began to tell itself to me. Okay, I sound crazy. I get that. But.... I think this is going to be amazing.

How Does My Writing Differ From Others Of Its Genre?

I think my explanation of what I am writing pretty much covered this question. It's YA, it's fantasy, it has religious undertones, and will help to spread His word to people who may not have much exposure to that in the past. Sounds pretty different to me. If I can pull this one off then I think I will have something relatively unique. I love a story that has rich, interesting characters and so I try to write in a way that lets the reader get to know the people in the story. I want you to be emotionally invested in them. I want them to be your friends, your family, and for you to care about them. This means that I am attempting to create some beautiful character development with my writing. I want my love for the characters to shine through and affect the readers.

As for my writing here on the blog... I try to write in a way that is genuine. I write what I am feeling and thinking in the moment and I write it the way I speak. I try not to hold anything back even if that means I come off looking a little off my nut. I actually cover the craziness of how I write on this blog pretty well in this post, so check it out.

Why Do I Write What I Do?

Here on the blog I write my life. I write to get thoughts out of my head and put them somewhere I can look at them objectively. I write to share with someone who may happen upon this blog and be thinking the same things or going through the same struggles. I write for healing.
The real deep, dark, truth is that I began blogging my thoughts and feelings because I had no one to talk to about things. Some of what I blog about here is my severe social anxiety. It is that very thing that kept me from having friends in my life for a very long time. I needed an outlet. I needed someone, somewhere to talk to. I couldn't find that in the real world and so I took to writing for the cyber world via a blog. Fortunately I do have some very good friends now. Still, there are times when I have something to say but don't want to bother anyone with my crazy ramblings, and the blog is a good outlet for that still. You like crazy? Come back and visit soon, you'll find some here.

How Does My Writing Process Work?

 Hmmm... there is a tricky question. It seems to differ dependent on which personality is awake and inspired that day. No, I do not literally have different personalities. I do however, have many different aspects of my life and different characteristics that seem to be either awake or asleep dependent upon which role I am in at that moment. There are times when I am emotional and I let that emotion pour out and into the words that flow from my keyboard. In those moments it is less process, and more explosion of words. Mostly my process comes through inspiration. When an idea or thought enters my mind I know I had better get to the keyboard ASAP or it may be gone. I do not have a set time, place, or method for writing. I have to wait for an idea to come and once I begin to get it down into written word then the idea just sort of takes over and flows until it is done. Once it is done, it is done. It seems if I try hard to think of ideas or to force myself to write then all that comes out is garbage. So, my process is to simply wait for the inspiration and let it take charge.

That's it y'all (all two of you). That is me and how I write. Don't stop here though, head on over and check out my friends and see how they write and why I love them.

My friend Rocki Bottom (yes, that is a pseudonym) tells all about living life at rock bottom over on My Life On The Rocks. I met Rocki through an online codie group years ago. If you don't know what a codie group is, consider yourself blessed, unless you are deep in a co-dependent relationship, then you should find yourself one right away. Rocki is the honest, raw emotion, real, from the gut writer that I only wish I could be. Her emotions shine through everything she writes as she bares all about a life gone wrong.

Then you should visit my friend Andrea (yes, another Andrea. I know lots of them) Caesar not only blogs, but also has a book published about her life and struggles with Lyme disease. If you thought you knew about Lyme, think again. Go check out her blog and then check out her book and be amazed at the issues, struggles, and life that goes along with living with Lyme.