You Complete Me, But Not As Much As The Dog Does

I've recently started reading All Cracked Up by Patsy Clairmont. I just love her! Don't you? If you don't, then you must not be familiar with her because how could anyone not love her?!? Her witty and self-deprecating humor speaks to me.

All Cracked Up isn't the newest of books with a publishing date of 2006, but it was loaned to me recently (ok, six months ago it was loaned to me, which is probably not recent to most people, but to me that is pretty much like a day ago) and so I am just now reading it.

The book is broken into three sections:
Cracked Pots which represents things
Wisecrackers representing people
and Going Crackers which represents changes.

I'm still in the Cracked Pots section, but I have already had several good giggles.

After each chapter, Patsy poses a list of what she calls "cracked-up questions." When I saw the questions, I couldn't help but think that these would be great topics for blog posts. So I am going with that thought!

Since I am trying to get myself to write with themes here on the blog (hence the labels Me, Myself, and Monday, Tuesday Treats, and Walk With Me Wednesday), I saw these cracked-up questions as a way to share about myself, so expect to see me answering these on Mondays. That means be sure to click on over to the blog every Monday to see what the questions are and what I have to say about myself in answering them. Or to scold me for not posting them if you find that is the case. Go ahead. I need some tough love from time to time. Oh! and please, please, please feel free to answer the questions yourself in the comments. You're here, I may as well get to know you too!

On to the questions.....
1) What abilities come naturally to you?
Is none an acceptable answer? Yeah, I didn't think so. Oh! I am a good listener. Really, I am. And not just because I am socially awkward and so I sit there not saying anything quite often. I'm listening to you speak in my reservedness, I promise.
I also think I am kind of a natural mom. No, that is not me trying to say my kids are perfect. They're not, trust me. I just sort of fell into the groove of the whole thing when it happened to me. I can mostly take things in stride and I haven't killed any of them yet. Heck, I've gotten one all the way to adulthood (if you consider 19 adulthood. she does. i'm still not so sure.) Seriously though... I never wanted kids and didn't plan to have any, then one day... surprise! Turned out I liked the whole mom gig and my kids, while not perfect, are pretty freaking awesome. I probably have more natural abilities, but I am still looking for them.

2) How do you value your abilities?
Hmmmm... good question. I find a lot of value in the two I mentioned. Moms rock! We're more valuable than all the material crap in the world. If you're a mom and you don't think you are valuable, let me be the one to tell you... you TOTALLY are. )Do you know how I knew you didn't think you were valuable? Cause I was listening to you. Totally! I rock the listening skills!) Listening is valuable too. People want and need to be heard. Word!

3) Is your age an issue for you? Why?
My age really isn't an issue for me. In fact I realized today that I am going to be turning 42 next week, but I have been saying I was 42 for a few months now. Not sure how I forgot what my age is. Must be the old age. Anyway, since I already thought of myself as 42 then it's kind of like I'm not aging up on my birthday this year at all. Sweetness! But no, my age doesn't bother me. Now the wrinkles and middle age spread that are coming with it??? Those bother me! But not the number.

4) Who helps complete you? How?
First, I have to give it up for my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ! BIG shout out to JC y'all. Okay, I am being a bit silly about it, but it's true. I could never be complete without Christ in my life. After that comes my kids of course. The mom gig... it's the job I never wanted but was totally made for. Those little monsters help to complete me. Then comes the dog. Where would I be without my loyal dog at my side?!? No one shows unconditional love like a dog. After the dog comes the husband. I know, I know... y'all are screaming, "you're husband comes after your dog?!?" Well, the truth is that if he were to ever read this he would find it funny because we have that sort of twisted humor thing going on between us. I have twisted humor and he tolerates it thinks it's funny. That is one of the ways he helps complete me.

That's it folks. Those are the questions and the tiny peek into the mess that is me.