Little Bits of Progress = A Lot of Encouragement

I am a day late on doing laundry but I thought as long as I was chained to home by the laundry cycle, I may as well attempt some writing.

Yeah me.... I wrote for an hour and a half and got, what I think, was some good stuff. It needs some editing and tweaking, but overall I am happy with it. Progress on my God inspired book! You have no idea how amazing that feels.

I've gotten laundry done and some writing done and all before noon. You cannot understand what an accomplishment that is unless you know how much of a morning person I am not. Very much not!

Some days I feel like I am making no progress on this book. Life is busy, especially now that it is summer and there are kids to keep busy. Then there are the other projects I have taken on. It can get discouraging. I am taking my bit of progress from today and seeing it as a sign that I really can do this. I am going to make it happen y'all!