Self promotion

It is time for my semi-annual I'm a bad blogger post. Once again I will be lamenting on how I should really blog more often. Or maybe I won't.

Honestly there are times when I feel as though there is no point in blogging because no one is reading anyway. Then I argue with myself because I'm not blogging for anyone but myself anyway. Then I argue with myself again because blogging is supposed to be a way to connect with others. If I wanted to just write for myself I don't need to publish it on a blog.

I argue with myself a lot.

One of the struggles I have with blogging is the idea of self-promotion. In order to have a successful blog with more than a few readers, you have to promote your blog and yourself. That is not an easy concept for me.

I have spent my whole life trying to blend in. I try to hide myself in a crowd; not stand out. I would dress in a way to blend. I try to speak in a way to blend. I do nothing to draw attention to myself.

Self-promotion goes against my vey nature.

If I want a successful blog, I must self-promote.

Do I want a successful blog? If I don't, then why blog at all? What is the point of blogging if not for others to read it?

I think what I really want is to find a group of people dealing with the same crap I am. I don't care about ratings or subscribers. I just want to connect with others in similar situations and be able to lean on and support one another.

Does that require self-promotion? Maybe. Maybe not. It may just require hours of scouring blogs to find people talking about the same issues. I think I can handle that over self-promotion.