The Post In Which I Reveal All My Sins. (No, not really)

A few days ago I read a chapter in the book All Cracked Up in which Patsy Clairmont lightheartedly related the Biblical story of the woman at the well to her own story of going a bit overboard with collecting things. One of the lines really had me chuckling, "Well would you look at that? The Samaritan woman was a collector too. Five husbands.... Wow!" I love the humor. Of course the point of it all is how we can try to satisfy ourselves or how we can look to Christ for the Living Water and never thirst again. Yes please, I will take some of that!

As I mentioned last Monday, at the end of each chapter there are questions related to the "moral" of the story. They are a way to dig a bit deeper and relate it all to yourself. That is why these questions are the fuel for my Me, Myself, and Monday posts for a while.

Ready? Here we go....

1) What do you collect?
Nothing. I've had collections over the years but I never stick with them for long. I always end up seeing them as useless clutter and just get rid of the stuff in garage sales. I have decided not to waste money collecting things. I try instead to collect moments and memories. I know, it sounds cliché. But you know what? Cliché's are cliché for a reason. It is because they are often full of enough wisdom that everyone wants to get on board. So I try to focus on having enough special, little moments with my kids that I have a big collections of precious memories.

2) Are you in competition with anyone? Who? Why?
I try not to be. There is no one person I compete with and no one thing to compete over. I do however suffer from that affliction that many of us do. Jealousy. It seems worse in this age of social media too. We get instant looks into the wonderful things others do and have. It is hard not to be a bit envious. That is one of the sins I struggle with from time to time. I covet. Then I want to do or have just as good or better. I fight against those feelings, but it is a tough battle. So, I try not to compete.

3) Had a case of gloat lately? What over?
I don't think I gloat. Truthfully I don't really feel I have much to gloat over. I am not the high self-esteem type. I am more toward the low end of that. This doesn't lead to much gloating. I find that if I do start to gloat it tends to be related to my kids more than me. I might get a bit braggadocios about something they do. I have gotten better about trying not to do that, but it still happens from time to time. I do not do it maliciously. It is not a "my kid is better than yours" kind of thing. Unfortunately it just happens that when you brag on your kid that there is likely someone around whose child might be struggling in that very area that you are talking about your child excelling. Unintentional devastation of parental ego is where that leads. Or in other words, someone's feeling are going to get hurt or they are going to be offended.

4) What daily responsibilities weigh you down?
Driving. And laundry. Dishes. And laundry. Making dinner. And laundry. Scrubbing and dusting. And laundry. I don't like laundry. Is it obvious? Who doesn't feel dragged down by housework? And the whole thing with having to drive the kids everywhere they need to go? Ugh! I'm over it. Sometimes I just don't want to leave the house. And I certainly don't want to have to fill the gas tank every three days! Aaargh! Now I feel down just talking about it.

5) Describe the condition of your heart's well.
It's not dry. It's not overflowing. It's not full, but it's not far from full. I can remember many, many years of my life when it was dry. I've been filling it with the Living Water these past few years though. It gets fuller and fuller and no matter how much I must drink from the well, it continues to get fuller. Living Water. Thirst no more. I get it!

6) Have you ever drunk deeply from the Living Water and experienced Christ's forgiveness for your sins? If so, when? If not, why not?
Yes. I will just leave it at that. Yes.
(come on now..... I know I said I was going to be sharing about myself, but you didn't really think I was going to go posting my sins on here did ya? Ha!)

What about you? What are your answers to the questions?