Focus on Faith

We are going to stay in the way-back machine for a little while as I share some posts from an old blog of mine. I like to try and share a bit about my faith here on this blog. But how did I come to faith in the first place? This next series of posts will give some insight into that. 

Once again we are traveling back to 2007

I want to do a series on something that has been on my mind a lot lately.
I feel that a big part of the unhappiness and bitterness in my life has to do with a lack of faith. I have struggled with this issue. For years I have been torn in different directions when it comes to faith. I have come across so many wonderful blogs and wonderful people who have such a complete faith in the Lord and they seem to be so happy and content because of it. This is the thing that has eluded me all my life. So, I am going to be digging deep into my heart, mind and soul with a focus on faith.
This week I will be doing a series of posts on faith.
The topics I will be dicussing are:
I would love to have some input and opinions on these topics. Please leave a comment and share your opinions and experiences with faith.