A Little Fiction For Your Friday

It's Friday and since I am a big fan of alliteration (Taco Tuesday anyone?), I love doing things like Fiction Friday. I know there at least used to be fiction Friday memes out there, but my search for one didn't turn up anything that interested me. I still wanted to put forth a bit of fiction on the blog on this lovely Friday though. So, here is my posting for Fiction Friday. It's not much, but I hope you enjoy it.

Mary stepped out the front door into the bright morning sun. She inhaled deeply and breathed in the fresh smell. It had rained all night and the air had that refreshing wet earth scent. She could feel the vibrant dewiness even down in her lungs. It was a good sign to her, and she needed that this morning.

Her heels clicked loudly on the concrete steps of her front porch as she skipped down them. She looked down at her blue peep toe heels and smiled at the way they shined. It was probably silly that she had spent an hour polishing them last night, after all nobody was going to be looking at her shoes, but it made her feel better to have them shine.

As her eyes moved upward she questioned again the length of her skirt. It fell a few inches above her knees but not too close to mid-thigh. Was this too short? Should she have chosen one a bit longer? No, she told herself, this was the right choice. It was a light blue, white and black Boucle skirt, lined in white signature silk. It felt lovely and looked classy. Definitely the right choice, she told herself for the tenth time. Her shirt was perfect as well. It was a black antique satin shirt with frayed trim. The standing collar with tattered ruffle trim gave it such an elegant look.

She looked classy and elegant and it made her feel the same. It amazed her that a simple thing such as how she dressed could effect her whole attitude. Her friend Kati had been right about that. She would have to remember to give her a big thank you hug next time she saw her.

Carefully she climbed into her car. The beat up old Toyota Camry clashed with her new look. It had been a reliable car for many years now, and she loved it despite its dings and scratches. She'd been through many hard times and changes in her life and this car had driven her through them all. It was like an old friend. Despite her love for it though, she planned to park a few blocks away from her destination. As much as she loved the car, it just didn't show the image she needed to portray for this particular moment. Mary stroked the dash as she drove along, letting her old friend know it was nothing personal.

Nerves set in as she drove. She struggled to push them away. It wouldn't do to go in nervous. She needed to appear confident and sure. Turning on the radio she sought a comforting song. Manic Monday by the Bangles was playing. Maybe not comforting, but this little blast from the past seemed so appropriate on this particular Monday that she had to laugh and began to sing along.

Having gotten lost in the music of the oldies channel, just when did 80's music become oldies she wondered, she arrived quickly at her destination. Turning a corner she found a great parking spot. It was just out of sight of the building, but still a quick walk. She gave the dash one last stroke before carefully climbing out of the car. She approached the parking meter and it still had nearly two hours on it. Another great sign in Mary's opinion.

She slipped her bag onto her shoulder and took a deep breath. Letting out the breath, she straightened her shoulders and took her first step. Again she heard the clacking of her heels on concrete. She concentrated on the rhythm of her footsteps as she continued to keep the nerves at bay. Just a few more steps and she was there.

Mary stared ahead of her at the tall building. The metal and glass shined bright in the morning sun. "It's sparkling," she thought, smiling. Sparkling brighter and more beautiful than any jewel she had ever seen. This was it. The moment had arrived. The moment that could change her life forever.

Mary opened the door and stepped inside. Ahead of her was a reception desk. Head held high, a smile on her face, she approached the desk. A young women with blond hair pulled up in a twist smiled up at her. "May I help you?" she asked. "Yes," Mary said with confidence, "I am here for an interview with Mr. Williams."