Dinosaur Moments

I talk about faith on this blog a lot. I talk about a love of God and trying, sometimes failing, but always trying, to live up to His plans for me. The truth is, faith isn't easy.

We are put through all sorts of trials that challenge our faith. Loss? It's hard to believe through the pain.

We encounter little things that challenge our faith. Traffic? Yeah, that puts me in a bad state of mind.

And then, there are the dinosaur moments.

Dinosaur moments are what I call those things that come to us as fact and challenge our faith. Why dinosaur moments? Because dinosaurs existed. They did. It's a fact. There is proof. Hard evidence. We know they existed and yet, where are they mentioned in the Bible?

I believe we have to read between the lines. God created animals. Dinosaurs were animals. God created dinosaurs. Just because it doesn't specify dinosaurs doesn't mean they weren't created by God.

When I use my faith, I can find reasonable connections between science and God.

Big Bang theory? God said, "let there be light." Boom! Big Bang!

So yes, I can reasonably attach God and science through faith. Is it always easy to do so? No, of course not. There are times when I have facts staring me in the face and I think, "is this proof that I am wrong?"

The thing about faith is that it is not easy. It's not supposed to be. There WILL be things that challenge our faith as we go through life. Sometimes they will feel overwhelming. It is our ability to believe beyond what is visible, beyond what can be proven, that makes faith so powerful.

So, it is okay to have those dinosaur moments. Just remember to turn to God and ask Him to point you to the real truth. His truth.