Prayer for Wisdom and Revelation

Heavenly Father,

     Give me the spirit of wisdom and revelation so that I may know you better. I want to better know and rely on the love you have for me. You say that whoever lives in love lives in You, and You in them. I want to live in that love. Through You, love is made complete in me, so that I can have confidence today and forever. I desire and up close and personal relationship with you Lord.
     Remind me of your perfect love whenever I feel insecure, insignificant, or unloved. Your love has the power to cast out my fears and doubts. Thank you for Your love that is patient, kind, and keeps no records of my wrongs. I trust that because Your love is perfect, I do not have to be. Despite my imperfections, I will remain in Your love. I will be confident that You, who began a good work in me, will carry it on to completion. 

                                 In Jesus name I pray,