It Is Time To Name Your Homeschool

     Not every state requires you to name your homeschool. We happen to home educate in a state in which we must name our school and register it as a private school. (check the laws within your own state to be sure you are in compliance) So, now comes the question.....

How do you choose a name for your homeschool?

The Surname Method
     I have seen plenty of homeschools named using the family's last name. Monroe Academy, Johnson Family Education, and The Matheson School are some examples of this method. This is the easiest and likely most common way to go about naming your school. I think it works well for some families, especially those with great last names. Our last name is really short and I don't think it lends itself well to a school name. So, now what?

Name Generators
     My next thought was to use an online name generator. I tried this one. It asks you to enter three things about your homeschool and spits out a name. I didn't care for the name it spat. I tried it again, using different words to describe our school and got a new name. I didn't care for the second name either. There were however, parts of each name that I liked. I jotted those words down to refer to in my considerations. 

The Use Your Location Method

     Another naming method I have seen is one that incorporates the street the family lives on or the name of their neighborhood. Examples I have seen of this include Tallgrass Academy, and The Elm Street Preparatory School. I like the name of our neighborhood, so this idea appealed to me.

The Important Stuff
     An important thing to consider when choosing a name for your homeschool is how it will be used. If you are going to be using it on official records (think college transcripts) then you had better be sure the name you choose sounds professional. Also, be sure the name will continue to be appropriate as your child ages up and advances through school. Attaching something like Elementary, or Junior might work at the moment, but it won't forever. You may or may not be able to change the name of you school later, so plan ahead. Remember, your child isn't going to want to send in transcripts to college stating they attended Mary's Little Lambs Family Learning Center. 

The Result
     Using our location, plus the words I liked from the name generator, as well as trying to keep it professional sounding I came up with Broadstone Cottage Eclectic Learning Academy. I think it suits us. The cottage represents the cozy atmosphere we like in our school, the eclectic learning covers our style, and the academy on the end gives it that pop of formality that it needed. 

Have you named your homeschool? What method(s) did you use? Share in the comments.