Free Resources For An Alice In Wonderland Unit Study

Our first big reading/writing project for 5th grade is Alice In Wonderland.

Some of the things we will be doing is comparing/contrasting different publications of the book. It is interesting to see the different layouts and illustrations (and at times, variations of the actual writing). We are also watching the Disney cartoon and some other film productions of the tale in order to compare/contrast. (I plan to do this again later in the year with The Jungle Book) My son was amazed by how different Disney imagines a tale from the original work.

Our main process for learning while reading the book is having Meechi do notebooking as he goes. Some of the resources I have used to create notebook ideas/starters are listed below.

A comprehensive study with excellent questions for essay writing
Appendix A of this study provides some good questions for each chapter. I have selected some for each chapter (I do not use them all. I pick and choose which ones suit us.) to write in Meechi's notebook for him to answer in detail. I also use the "words to take note of" in his notebook. He has to look up the definition of these before reading the chapter. This helps ensure he understands the reading better. I do plan to tweak this a bit about halfway through the book. I will have him stop reading when he comes across an unknown word, write in his notebook, then look up the definition and write that in the notebook.

A genre study using Alice in Wonderland
I like this one for its list of skill objectives. I have taken a few of these and created lessons around them. Examples of these are:
Students will represent the elements and structure of a story in visual form 
Students will determine climax in a story
Students will write an original fantasy
He is doing all of these things within his notebook.

SparkNotes study guide
Yes, SparkNotes is a website typicall used by those who want to use a shortcut rather than read the whole work. It does however have some useful tools for a unit on the book. I printed the character list from this site for Meechi to paste into his notebook. Later in our school year he will be writing his own character analysis for books he will read. For now, this gives him examples to read so he will better understand that concept when the time comes. SparkNotes also provides study questions and essay topics. Again, yes, It also supplies answers to those questions. Since I am not allowing access to this site to my son, I can simply pick and choose some of the questions without him seeing the sample answers. There is also an online quiz on this site. So when we reach the end of our unit, I might have him take the quiz to see how he does.

A biography of Lewis Carroll and links to his works available to read online
This website is a no-brainer. It is an absolute must when doing a unit on Alice In Wonderland. It gives wonderful background not only on the author, but also on how he came to write this tale. Free online access to not only this book, but his other works (including poems such as The Jabberwocky) as well? Awesome!

Interactive site with puzzles, activities, and games
Some of these are sort of cheesy, but it provides a nice play break while still keeping his mind somewhat on topic.

Macmillan Education's free Wonderland Adventure activities and lessons
There are some really fun resources here, such as printable playing cards and a board game. There are also great educational tools. There is a nice printable that will help guide and teach your child how to write a character analysis.