Prophecy of Peace

   Prophecy of Peace is the title of my current work-in-progress. This will be my first completed novel. It is, of course, my heart's desire to see this book published and my story shared with the world. While this will be my first novel, it certainly will not be my last. The epic adventures will continue on throughout the series, Prophecy of The Twelve Kingdoms.

   The tale opens in the kingdom of Khoya Asa, the southernmost of the twelve kingdoms. It is a land devastated by drought and plagued by raids from the evil Guardians. Citizens of Khoya Asa have very little in the way of comforts, and yet they have something greater than any of the other eleven kingdoms. They have great hope in the form of a princess prophesied to be born in their land.

   The Princess Ariyanna, born fifteen years ago, in the year of the Blood Moon, has been prophesied to save them all and restore peace to the twelve kingdoms. It will require great sacrifice on her part. In fact, there are those who believe it will take her sacrifice.