Sometimes, The Crazy Middle-Aged Drunk Lady Is Right

   It was a fairly common thing to go out for drinks with my husband and some of his co-workers years ago. (is that what they're called when you work in sports, or is it something else like teammates, but not really because he isn't a player????) This was in the pre-Meechi days. There was nothing like a few rum and cokes to take the sharp edge off the anxiety (I don't recommend this as a solution for anxiety btw) and to soften the intro of my introversion.

   The past twelve years? Yeah.... not so much with the going out or with the drinking. So when we went out a few nights ago, it wasn't pretty.

   I may have told a girl that she needed to get away from her boyfriend "like right now" because he seemed like the exact kind of controlling, possessive douche-bag my ex was. Well, I didn't exactly tell her that. I passive aggressively said it to our little group of people loud enough for her to hear it. I think my hope was that she would hear me and suddenly think, "you know what? That middle-age drunk woman is totally right. This guy is a class-A asshole who treats me like property and I should run far, far away from him right now!" Instead all she did was look at me like I was a nosy, drunk bitch who should shut up and learn to handle her alcohol, before she snuggled up closer to mister d-bag.

   Oh well, eventually she will figure out that sometimes, the crazy middle-aged drunk lady is right. Because that dude really was a possessive, controlling douche-bag and you can only ignore that crap for so long.