The People Who Matter Most

Yesterday when Meechi asked me if I would be going to his skating lesson, I replied with, "Not this time buddy. I've gone somewhere every day for a week and I just don't think I can go anywhere today."

He took that in a way that most people would not expect from an 11-year-old. Meaning, he took it extremely well and with total understanding. He gets it. He gets me. And he himself has days where he feels like he has just had too much going on lately and he would like to stay home and lay about his room in his underwear playing Minecraft and watching Youtube for hours. And I get that. I get him. Play away my undressed friend. It's all cool with us.

My husband on the other hand doesn't really get this at all. His response to my remark? "Well, we can't have you leaving the house for 8 straight days." This was accompanied by a look that said, "you are fucked in the head and this makes no sense at all." (a look which he totally doesn't mean in a derogatory sort of way. more of a Clark Griswald in Vacation sort of way) That's ok though. I know he doesn't get it because he can't get it. He's an extrovert with zero social anxiety. So, he may not get it, but he does in fact get me.

He can't understand why I wouldn't be up to leaving the house 8 days in a row, but he knows that I'm not. He doesn't complain when I can't make myself go somewhere. In fact he is always willing to cover whatever may need to be done that I cannot bring myself to do. Kid needs a ride somewhere? He will take him. We need milk and a loaf of bread? He's good to go get it. I forgot to take a book back to the library and the fines are now somewhere in the neighborhood of our water bill? No problem, he'll run drop it off and even go in and pay the fine. And (here's the best one) I need tampons? He doesn't even need to ask what kind he needs to pick up anymore. Awesome!

Not everyone will get me. Not everyone gets how hard simple things can be for me. But the people who matter most... they're doing just fine.