A Brilliantly Crazy Idea or Loving the Lonely Books on the Shelves

   I had a brilliant idea. Or maybe it was a crazy idea. Let's just call it a brilliantly crazy idea.

   This idea first occured to me when I checked out Furiously Happy: A Funny Book About Horrible Things from the library. (If you haven't read it, you should. It's wonderful.) I was shocked to see the condition of the book. It was brand, spanking new. It was obvious that no one had ever checked this book out from the library. Now, it's been out for less than two years, and there was more than one copy in the library, so it could just be a matter of people checking out the other copies and not this one. But, what if it wasn't? What if this wonderfully humorous book had gone untouched because people just didn't know how magical it really is? It kind of made me sad. Then it had me wondering how many other fantastic books are sitting on the shelves of the library, never being read.

   This idea breaks my heart a little. Every book is a labor of love by its author. Each of them has a little piece of someone's heart and soul in them. I found myself wanting to show these books some love. Or at least to give them a little respect and dignity by fulfilling their purpose in this world... to be read.

   So I came up with the idea of asking the librarian if there was any way they could look up which books had never been checked out. I figured I could use that list to find those lonesome books on the shelves, check them out, and give them a read.

   Sounds simple enough, right? Not so much when you have social anxiety. It is hard, and I mean DAMN hard to ask random strangers questions when you have social anxiety. Just the idea of walking up to the desk gave me the jitters and broke me out in a sweat. *Fortunately, I have found a pretty good group of people to offer up support and encouragement. And with a little pep talk and some angelic guidance I mustered up the courage to ask. I was faced with a long line at the circulation desk and not enough time to wait when I went to ask though, and maybe that was a good thing because even though I was going to do this, I was still jittery and sweaty. Instead I emailed the library from home later.

   Guess what? I got a quick response and not only was it possible for the librarian to look up which books had never been checked out, she was excited to help me find them and create a list. So a few emails later, I had a list of over three hundred books that have either never been checked out, or have sat unchecked for two years or more.

   Three hundred books!!! It breaks my heart to know so many books are going untouched on those shelves. So, it is time to give these books a little love.

  I've already started reading my first book from the list and will be reviewing it here soon. If you love to read, and want to know about some great books that may not already be on your radar, keep checking back here (or subscribe to my blog) because this summer I will be reviewing the books I read from my List of Lonely Books right here.


* Support and encouragement can be helpful, but this is not always the case. Sometimes the anxiety is too hard to work through no matter how much love, support, and encouragement you get. I wanted to include this message because sometimes the people in our lives don't understand this and I want them to know that, while we appreciate their support, it is not always going to be enough.