The Difference Between Ducks and Geese

We made a visit to the park on Mother's Day, and were discussing different aspects of nature as we walked around a small lake there. The path around the lake was inhabited by a few ducks and a slew of geese. I asked Meechi if he could name any differences between ducks and geese. I was expecting answers such as the difference in size and coloring, or perhaps the differences in the lengths of their necks, or even that baby ducks are called ducklings and baby geese are called goslings. Of course that is not what I got. Instead....

Me: Can you tell me a difference between ducks and geese?
Meechi: When we walk past them, ducks run off like, "oh crap, a human! run for your life." and geese stand in our way or come at us like, "hsssssssshhhhh...... I WILL KILL YOU!"
Me: Ummm......
Meechi: So basically ducks are cowards and geese are total jerks.

He's not wrong folks. He is not wrong.


  1. Lol. My mom had chickens when I was young. Among them was a duck. Idiot creature thought it was a chicken. It was terrified of water. So the idea of ducks being cowards sits right with me...


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