Challenge Your Children To Use Their Minds: Christianity and Science Can Work Together

   I am always on the look out for great curriculum deals for homeschooling. There is not greater deal than free, so I am pretty happy when I find something free that relates to a topic we are studying, plan to stuyd, or that just interests Meechi. A while back I came across a dinosaur lapbook study guide. But after reading the description I decided to pass.

   Here is the description: "Christian based resources available about dinosaurs. This lapbook and study guide from A Journey Through Learning does not mention millions of years, evolution or that man and dinosaur did not live together."

  I am a Christian. Part of being a Christian is not lying. So, why would I lie to my child about when and how the dinosaurs lived?!? They existed. It is a fact. They existed millions of years ago. Fact. They existed before humans. Another fact. Why choose to hide that from children?

   To me this says that people are afraid that the existence of these creatures means a non-existence of God. We can't teach our children the FACTS because then they may not believe in God? That is ridiculous! I view the truth as a way to get my child thinking outside the box. A way to consider how both truths could be possible.

   We have discussed the idea that the 7 days it took for God to create the world were not days as we experience here on Earth. 7 days to God could be 7 years to us. Or perhaps 7 hundred years, or 7 million. Why not? Why wouldn't God run on different time than us? Another thing we have discussed is the relation of "Let There Be Light" to the Big Bang Theory. It does not have to be one or the other! Perhaps God said, "let there be light" and set off the big bang. Evolution? Of course! Why would God not create life with the ability to adapt and change?

   No matter what your views are on religion, it is wrong to hide truths and facts from children. Do YOU trust someone after you have learned they kept information from you or lied to you about something? How will your children trust you once they have learned that in teaching them, you have actually lied and hidden facts from them? Do you think they will believe your teachings after that? If you lied about dinosaurs, then you probably lied about God. It is a logical connection for them to make.

   Perhaps, I am up on a soapbox lecturing here, but this really bothers me. A world before humans, the big bang theory, and evolution do NOT have to exist outside of religious beliefs. Challenge your children to use their minds and determine ways these things could work together to form one truth.