When Your Summer Decides To Kick Your Butt

   You would think that summer would be less busy than the school year when you're a homeschool family. Not so for us.

   It's been a crazy start to summer. I've been busy with working on my novel. I was also working on writing a wedding ceremony that I was officiating. Along with that came anxiety over officiating a freaking wedding. I mean, what person with social anxiety on top of being an introvert wants to do that?!?

   It helped that it was family and so I know most of the people in the crowd. Also I got to hide behind a podium, which hides a lot when you're short like me. It didn't hurt that I got to do a pre-ceremony shot of fireball either. (Once again, I don't recommend alcohol as a treatment for anxiety) The wedding went well and that was one thing checked off my summer to-do list.

   The wedding was out of state (it was actually in my hometown that we moved from 9 months ago)  It was nice to visit friends and family, but trips always wipe me out physically, mentally, and emotionally. So it's taken a week to recover from that.

  I made a rather ambitious choice for my first book that needs love for my summer reading. I actually chose 2 books of a series and these books are freaking looooong! I'm finally about to finish the 2nd book and will hopefully get the chance to review it here soon.

  Other than that summer has been filled with working on getting my sensory-sensitive kid swimming. He's made awesome progress but we've still got a way to go. I'm trying to get back on track with eating well which went to hell while on vacation. And we've been trying to do a lot of walking and other things in nature since we now live someplace that's not 100 degrees or more in the summer. 70's in late June is such a foreign concept to me!

   So, am I the only one who has found summer surprisingly chaotic? Let me know in the comments what you've been up to this summer.