Dead Man's Tunnel - A Loving the Lonely Books Review

Loving The Lonely Books - Book review #2

   My most recent summer read, Dead Man's Tunnel, was a bit different from what I typically read. I tend to read more fantasy, but I love my mysteries as well. And while Dead Man's Tunnel is a mystery, it is not a more modern approach to mystery which is more my norm. While reading this story I kept thinking how it reminds me of the type of television shows my dad loves to watch (Dad's not a reader, but if he were he would have loved this book). That is not to say that it is outdated at all. The story is takes place in a bygone era, just after the bombs dropped to end WWII, but the tale itself is not something that should be relegated to the past.

   The story begins with death in a railroad tunnel. From there we follow Hook Runyon, a railway detective on his journey to discover exactly how it happened. Along the way we meet a colorful cast of secondary characters whose interactions with hook made me chuckle more than once. This book is full of sarcasm and dry humor which are two things I adore.

This is a pop car
   Because this story takes place around trains and the railways there were a few things I had to Google to get a picture of them in my head, but I enjoy learning new things so I didn't have a problem with that. (for example: what the heck is a pop car?)

   Overall I enjoyed Dead Man's Tunnel and I plan to read more books in the Hook Runyon mysteries series. This is a fun little mystery and a quick read. I read it in two days. So if you are looking for a quick, fun read and you like quirky characters then this book will likely be a good match for you.