The Perils of Getting to Know Your Fictional Villain

   One of the most helpful things I have done for my writing is character deep-dives. This is a process in which I take the time to learn all about my characters, both inside and out. I use an amazing character deep-dive program offered by Debbie Burns. This thing takes you so deep into your character that it leaves you feeling like you've captured a piece of their soul within yourself.

   I have been diving deep into one of the villains of Prophecy of Peace this past week. And now I am in love with the guy. The bad guy!!! I know what sort of terrible things this guy is going to be up to in this book and yet I cannot help but have a bit of a soft spot for him. Why? Because I know all the things that made him a bad guy in the first place.

   He has bared his soul to me this week. I've learned every horrible thing he has lived through in his life. I have seen why he made the choices he made. And while I know he made the wrong choices, my heart still breaks for him. Part of me wants to go back in time and rescue him so he won't become a villain at all. But if I do that then I don't have an antagonist for this story. So, I'm sorry Laqach. You're tragic past is just going to have to remain tragic. But I will always love you anyway.