Tuesday Treats: 2018 Reading Challenge and the Love of a Good Mystery

My home town does an annual reading list for adults. You have twelve months to read a book in twelve categories. It's great incentive to read for those who maybe don't normally make the time to do so. (There are prizes involved) And for those, like myself, who love to read it is a challenge to read outside of our typical genre of choice.

This year the 12 categories are:

1)A library book
2)A detective novel or true crime book
3)A book about reading or writing
4)A book set somewhere you’ve never been
5)A book recommended, given, or loaned to you by a friend
6)A book with an animal on the cover
7)A graphic novel
8)An essay or short story collection
9)A book by an author of a different ethnicity than you
10)A book about a topic in the news
11)A book published the year you were born
12)A book by an author slated to visit your city in 2018

I've read far more than twelve books by this point in the year, and yet I am maybe only halfway through this list. I did mention it was a challenge to read outside the genres I typically read.

Oddly enough, one of the categories I haven't gotten to yet is #2. I am not big on true crime. I know there are awful people doing awful things in the world.... I don't need to read about it. (Although I've heard great things about The Devil in the White City and it is on my TBR list) But I do love a good mystery, so I'm not sure why I haven't gotten to this one yet. Today, I thought I would go searching for some choices for this category. And if you've been on my blog much, then you know I love a great bargain, and I love free even better. So for Tuesday Treats today, I thought I would share some titles I found for free Kindle download. (As always... these books were free at the time of this post. Always double-check pricing before clicking that purchase!)

Do you have a recommendation for a good mystery/suspense?
Please share in the comments!