Fiction Friday: Depths of War - Part Five

The war is raging, secrets are being revealed, and revenge is in the hearts of the Gaharaee. What happens next in the merfolk civil war? Find out now in part five of Depths of War.

Depths of War - Part Five

One hundred years she had been banished to the depths of the sea. In that time she had nearly forgotten who she had been, and who she had been forced to leave behind. Coming face to face with her forgotten past, the memories began to crash down upon her with a force stronger than the crashing waves around them. Her sister had been not much more than a child at the time of her banishment. Now here she was, grown up and more beautiful than ever. Sweet Divvy, the light of her former life.

"What happened to you?" her sister asked.

Maran reached a hand to her face, suddenly ashamed of her appearance. But then she saw Divvy's eyes were not on her, but on the floating corpses of the Satah she had killed.

"Living in the depths changes you," she tried to explain. "The darkness, it seeps in."

"The depths? But, how?"

"When Varun banished me..."

"What?" her sister interrupted. "Varun? I don't understand." She turned away, biting at her lip.


Whipping back to face her, the mermaid sobbed, "I thought you were dead. They said..." she trailed off, turning away with a soft shake of her head.

"I don't know what they told you, or why. But I was banished," Maran roared, her lips pulling back, baring her razor teeth. "Varun sent me to the nightmare of the depths." Her explanations were interrupted by the sound of screams in the distance. The Sena. The attack.

"You need to hide," she ordered Divvy. "The Sena are here. We are taking Kshithij for the Ghaharaee." Her sister stared at her, a mix of horror and disgust on her face.


Divvy struggled to reconcile the monster before her with the sister she had loved. Maran had said the darkness seeped in and she supposed she could understand that. But the violence she had witnessed was beyond her comprehension. Even now the corpses of the Satah her sister had murdered were being thrown against the rocky shores of the islet by the storm fuelled waves. Murdered. By her sister. Her body trembled at the abhorrent thought.

Her mind was at war with itself. She fought between pity for her sister, loathing at what she had become, and the fear and confusion over whatever events had led her to that outcome.

"Divvy!" Maran yelled. "Did you hear me? You have to hide. The Sena are coming."

But it was not Ghaharaee who approached, calling out in the storm. "Who's there?"

The Sena warrior hissed, baring her deadly teeth at the deep sound of the familiar voice. For a fleeting moment Divvy considered grabbing the murderous creature and trying to hold her there until he arrived. But love for the beautiful, caring mermaid her sister had once been kept her from it. "Go," she said instead, giving her sister a small shove away form the islet. "Go and don't let him find you."

She could see indecision in Maran's eyes and knew she debated between fleeing and staying to make an attempt at killing Varun. "For you," she hissed before turning and swimming away in a blur of scale and fin.

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