Fiction Friday: Depths of War - Part Six

All light is gone. The darkness of the storm and the raging war is all that is left. What will happen next? Find out now in Depths of War - Part Six.

The sky and sea around Divvy had grown black. For the first time in her life she welcomed the darkness. She did not want to see the violence and death that surrounded her. Here in the dark she could pretend none of it was happening. Or at least she would have been able to if not for her traitorous ears. The strong winds of the storm carried the distant screams with them. Her teeth worked at her already torn lip as she stared numbly into the darkness before her.

The storm's light flared brightly and Divvy gasped, her hand reaching for her heart as the light revealed the dangerous warrior suddenly before her. She had not felt his approach and certainly had not seen him surface from the black waters. His dark penetrating eyes were fixed on her. The serrated edge of his shark tooth sword loomed inches from her bare stomach. 

"I called out. Why did you not answer me? I could have killed you Divvy." Varun's brow furrowed, adding to the intensity of his stare. She could feel his eyes boring into her even as the darkness consumed them once more. Her heart and mind played a vicious game of tug-of-war as she considered revealing Maran. 

When the next flash lit the sky she turned her gaze toward the bodies now caught up on the rocks. Varun's eyes followed her stare. 

"The Sena was here?" he demanded. 

"I couldn't save them." She moved a hand to her trembling lips as she turned back to Varun and cried in the darkness. "I was too late."

"Thank the heavens for that." She felt his hands fumbling to find her in the darkness before he managed to settle them on her shoulders. "You are no warrior Divvy. If you had gotten here while the Sena were still here..." he trailed off as though suddenly distracted. "We need to find someplace to hide. If there are still Gaharaee nearby we are in a position to be trapped against the islet." 

"You want to hide?" she questioned incredulously. 

"No! I do not want to hide," Varun hissed, tightening his grip on her shoulders. "My people are being slaughtered. But it is impossible to fight what I cannot see. The Gaharaee have eyes that see in the darkness, I do not. I am forced to wait for some light to return before I can rejoin the fight." 

His grip on her loosened. "But until then I can at least keep one of my people safe." She felt the warmth of his breath against her lips as he leaned in closer to her. "If you will only listen to me for once."

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